There are irresistible charm and beauty everywhere and the longest vacation seems to be too short to enjoy each of them.

Bečići Beach

It is considered as one of the most beautiful and longest beaches on the south Adriatic.  It is sandy and 1950m long.  With its immediate surroundings, it represents a complex tourist settlement.

Jaz Beach

At 2.5 km from Budva going towards the town of Tivat there is the Jaz Beach with two cca 1200m long sandy beaches. The hinterland of the beach is the car camping of 2,000 seats.The total area of the beach is 22 500m ².

Beach Mogren

 Mogren I and Mogren II Beaches are located in the vicinity of the Avala hotel complex, 150 m away from the Old City. These two sandy beaches are 350 m long, connected together by a tunnel.  They are famous for the unique sand of medium granulation.