Spa & Wellness

“The healthy outside starts from the inside” Robert Urich


Increases flexibility, range and freedom of movement, improves blood and lymph circulation, breaks down muscle pain and tension, strengthens the immune system, accelerates healing, speeds up metabolism. Treatment price 40euro/1h.


is a combination of several manual massage techniques that significantly reduce pain and successfully remove the accumulated tension. Treatment price 45euro/1h.


releases nerve entrapment, where it improves blood and lymph circulation and restores balance in the body and not only in the physical sense. Treatment price 45euro/1h.


Old Slavic manual therapy of internal organs or visceral chiropractic. It is a contact technique of acting with the hands on the internal organs and tissues of the human body. Treatment price 45euro/1h.

Going to a spa and wellness center is not a pure luxury, but an investment in physical and spiritual health.

The effects of treatemnt are numerous, starting with:
• Normalization of arterial and venous blood flow
• Normalization of the endocrine system
• Disappearance of pain and spasm
• Improving mental state
• Arrangement of internal organs
• Normalization of metabolism.

 Numerous certificates, many years of experience, satisfied clients testify to the benefits and quality of service provided at the Spa Resort Bečići.